marko krstić

Scandic Hotels Mobile App

My Role: Prototyping, UI Design, Build a maintained design system, Art Direction

Platform: iOS, Android

Production Year: 2018-2021

Results: Create app that will extent your stay experience. Hotel check in, check out, Guest fast track, Mobile key, Bonus points and easy rebook hotels for frequent customers

Scandic Hotels Mobile App - App Store

About Scandic Hotels

Scandic Hotels is a hotel chain headquartered in Stockholm, Sweden, with its main operations in the Nordic countries. Alongside hotels in Sweden, Norway, Finland, and Denmark, the company also has a presence in Germany and Poland. Scandic currently has around 280 hotels.

About Scandic Hotels App

Scandic Hotels and Web ECommerce platform and the Mobile App as main booking drivers. While the website is for a reason ( Bigger screen ) crafted to be used for exploration and purchase, the Mobile app is the built-in with focus to be most useful during the stay.

My day to day work

Secondary tasks

In Scandic we are split to UX and UI but when there is a need I always jump and help my colleagues with:

Login screen and book hotel

About Hotel screens

Booking screens

My Stays screens

Check out

Mobile Key Screens

Scandic App user research


Mobile key Guest identification flow
Flow - Check in with payment

Prototyping in Principle app

Fast Track - Checkout
About Hotel
Hotel Details Expand
Fast Track - 1 Error
Skeleton Load
Intro Screen Animation

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