marko krstić

Football fun hub app

My Role: UI Designer as freelance project

Platform: iOS

Production Year: 2017

Results: Create social application for UK fans that can connect and locate during football games. Beside connection if should help booking transport and hotels.

Check when your favorite football team will have a game. When it will be. Book a hotel in that area and pin the bar or restaurant location where you are before and after the game so friends can find you easily on the map and all that in just one app.

All this is nicely crafted in InVision as a wireframe so I get a go from stakeholders. After creating the wireframe we linked all pages in InVision and created the prototype for testing. Couple of tweaks and we moved to UI. To explain to developers how some things should behave it's always the best solution to animate all in Principle app and share animations with them.

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