marko krstić

Scandic Hotels Cross Platforms

My Role: Prototyping, Lead UI Design process, Build a maintained design system, Art Direction

Platform: Web, App, TV, WiFi, 3rd Party projects

Production Year: 2018 - 2021

Results: Connected Brand between platforms

One of the hardest projects start, was definitely Scandic Hotels.

You need to understand that the Scandic system is a giant. And it was in place for several years. When the design system is not well organized in the root, the mess is just piling. When I came to the Scandic Hotels both of the UI designers left Scandic, and I left alone. That was scary and good at the same time. I had the opportunity to make a clean slate and I took it.


The design was in mess. There were two style guides for the web under two links made by two different persons. The app was disconnected from the web. Before me Scandic had 2 UI and 2 UX designers. 1 UI and 1 UX for each platform. Everyone was focused on their work so shared features and the brand implementation was suffering.

At that time Scandic was making designs with Sketch app that was making things even harder to collaborate.


Needed to understand where the problem was and why the app looks so much different even on iOS and Android. There was no 1 source of truth. Since I was the only UI designer at that time I decided to bridge design with tools that devs know. We were all working in Jira so that was the most logical place and tool to work with.

Besides that, I have printed all app pages and template pages for the web and put them on one large wall in the developer's area. That brought me and everyone else closer to the team.

First I have started pointing problems to the project owners and design leads what are inconsistencies, low-hanging fruits, and what can help us make the brand more coherent. After some time I started sawing conversations even without me where developers bringing each other to the wall and start pointing what is done one and platform and can be done on another. In the end, developers started calling me to come to the wall as they figured out what can be done more.

App Color Pallete when I got the project - Sweden's best hotel site award 2021
Presenting brand sync between platforms
Presenting meetings-room project

Rewards - Sweden's best hotel site award 2020 - Sweden's best hotel site award 2021

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