marko krstić

Scandic Hotels TV App

My Role: Prototyping, UI Design, Build a maintained design system, Art Direction

Platform: TV

Production Year: 2018-2019

Results: Create TV for the Hotel experience and the home streamline experience


Besides the obvious playing channels on TV after investigations and research with users and hotels owners, we come to the founding that is much more and there are even more important things than watching TV.

Hotels experience

Someone has done it for your treatment. Once you are checked in TV is turned on (after a couple of minutes for energy savings) and till you are opened room door TV is ready for you.

Setting the Mood

We came up with the themes dark and light to save your eyes and themes can be switched manually but by default, they work based on time interval. Light during the day and Dark from evening till morning.


If you are in a hotel room there should be a mass alert if something important happens in the hotel. We found that there are three types of alerts:



Product is all about shaping it to users' needs to get seamless usage. Many users already had streaming apps such as Netflix, Viaplay, Disney, but not many knew how to cast on our system. After users started reporting failing to connect we created a cast page with instructions on how to connect with iOS and Android Phones.

Allowing users to use their own streaming app reduced our costs of rending channels.

Purchase System

Paying something from the phone or computer is easy nowadays, but for paying on we need to take a step back and rethink it. It was so obvious. Once you are checking out we can put it on your room bill.

We had free and premium channels. If you want to watch premium ones you get a popup to let you know that we will add you to your room bill and you need to type 4 digits security code so your kids do it for you by accident.

News and Info about hotel

Instead of printing and posting brochures on your table we wanted to make it more eco friendly and we included:

All this was done with zero print paper waste.


Yes everyone has it on their phone. This can be useful for group travelings, children's excursions and of course you forgot your charger at home and want to save some battery.

Design System at one place

Luckily this project was done from scratch, and that allowed us to do it by the book.

  1. Research
  2. Wireframes
  3. Testing
  4. UI
  5. Development
  6. Testing
  7. Development
  8. Testing
  9. Follow up and Updates

All the pages for entire TV App

Design Preview

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